Animals are one of mGoing fishingy main passions and I have been photographing them for more than ten years. Whether in their home environment or in my studio, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to capture the essence of your pet.

So, how does a pet photography session work?

I can come to you and photograph your pet in your (their!) home

This is my favourite option – this way, I can photograph your pet in their favourite places doing their favourite things. They are more relaxed because they are in their environment and they know the ‘rules’!

You can bring your pets to my studio7328

This is a fun option, but it can be quite stressful on some animals. However, if your pet is pretty easygoing and you would like some more ‘formal’ photographs of your pet, then this is the session for you.

We can meet in a dog-friendly place

There are a number of dog friendly on-leash and off-leash areas within Canberra, and I am happy to meet you at your favourite one, or I can suggest a few options if you are unsure. Lots of them are very picturesque and are great places to achieve beautiful portraits of your pets.

Other animal photographyPick me!

I have volunteered my time over many years to photograph rescue dogs looking for new forever homes. I have photographed dogs for ACT Rescue & Foster (ARF), Canberra Pooch Rescue (CPR) and Gumtree Greys. I also photographed ARF’s annual Best Friends calendar for five years.

I also undertook the Santa Paws photo sessions for RSPCA ACT for four years. I have photographed many wonderful cats and dogs as well as some more interesting pets including ferrets, parrots and goats.